Customer friendly ecommerce

Task summary

When a website or service I use is not as good as it could be, it bugs me. I couldn’t shake this thought. Sometimes you just have to get the idea out of your head and bring it to life.

This is just one of my side projects that I use to fill my time between freelance placements.


I want to improve the Ocado website to the best of my skills and abilities. I’m a visual / UI designer (not UX), so any changes are not fundamental, just my instinct.

Mobile and tablet versions are work in progress.

Current design layout for

I found a lot of design and layout inconsistencies across the website.

A mix of design styles results in a bewildering and perplexing design system which is tricky for customers to follow.

My proposed design layout

My design proposal for Ocado is designed to reduces the cognitive load and make it easier for customers to navigate.

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