Show and tell for ads

What is the best way for an advertising agency that specialises in mobile showcase their best work?

I created an iOS app which displayed our best examples live in their native environment. The sales team were able to present ads that showed their true functionality to new a client.

User centred design process

Understanding how our staff were going to use the tool was essential. Conducting several interviews with key sales staff really helped us gain insight into their world and the problems they face on a day to day basis.


User Journey Flows
After analysing which pain points required the most attention, we then took the step of mapping out the app.

Producing wireframes was an essential stage, we began producing high fidelty wireframes for each page, along with detailed specs shared with development team. The Content Management System which was built using Laravel, supported the global teams who by this stage were very keen to take advantage of the new app.

The visual design
During the visual design stage the company underwent a major rebrand which meant that colours, fonts, and UI element all had to be reconsidered to conform with the new brand.

The app was exceptionally well received by the sales team and quickly became an essential tool for their new business as well as progress meeting with established clients.

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