Dynamic email campaign


How do we communicate with and opted-in email list about a season sale, being mindful that as products go out-of-stock, customers can be very disappointed when their orders cannot be fulfilled.

A dynamic email solution linked to stock control that can change images and headlines on the fly to avoid customers order items that are no longer available.

I researched email providers until I found one that could provide the service that we needed; an API linking a live inventory database of available stock. I also wrote the copy and created the animated gifs for the campaign.

The campaign was a hit and the tech is still being used for current marketing.

While waiting for email providers to respond to my technical queries I investigated a generic illustration style…

and then lifestyle images from a photoshoot.

I also investigated versions of footer designs by reducing content and edited copy for a cleaner look, but still with prominent click-though’s as well as links to social accounts.

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