Custom car configurator

Detailed analytics of the Audi car configurator showed that customers preferred to design their new car on desktop rather than mobile. Results from the Strategy & Research Dept indicated that although some customers started the design process on mobile, most abandoned in favour of desktop. Reasons given were that navigation and presentation of their choices was easier to view on desktop. Research highlighted that users where unhappy using the current multi-page experience.

I worked on a new ‘desktop first’ design system with particular attention given to retaining users throughout their design process.

My concept proposed that desktop and mobile be treated differently to take advantage of the processor power and extra pixels that desktop gives the user.

The analytics showed that users were abandoning their design in the current multi-page process, so I produced a design area that would refresh within the page without having to navigate multiple pages.

I proposed a fluid animation specifically for the exterior colour transitions. I researched which tech would be most suitable and found that webGL would deliver a workable solution, for desktop only, but svg animations would work across all platforms.